Ow! I touched a Echidna X Cactus X GG Edit

It was a nice Summer morning, and Count Grapeula was plotting his next evil plan. He placed a Echidna-Cactus -GG on the ground. "Hehe!" cackled Grapeula.

Ouch! I stepped on a echidna X Cactus X GG!

"You stupid, spiky animal/plant thing!" I bellowed.

I stared at the Echidna X Cactus X GG. It was... MYSTERIOUSLY MYSTERIOUS!

"Hello?" I asked.

"BLAAARGH!" lazered the Echidna X cactus X GG.

When the Times Were Sad... Edit

When YE TIMES WERE SAD, there were cavemen. Nerdy cavemen. They played Dino Dodger all day.

THEN A T-REX ATE THEM!!! The nerdy cavemen died, but they lived to tell the tale!

The Nerdy Caveman National Anthem Edit

Must... finish... Level 14!

Translated in Gorilla language: Ooo OOO! Oooo-ooo!

Translated in Echidna X Cactus X GG language: $1000

Translated in Annoying Sister Language: MUM! I WANT A PONY!

A Grape of High Authority Edit







A Sultana of High Authority??? Edit


Snow, Leafy and Lava Rule! Edit

Well, Snow, Leafy and Lava rule!!!

Dr. Octagonapus... Edit


Dr. Octagonapus is a villain based on Dr. Octopus except Dr. Octagonapus can SHOOP DA WHOOP! If you can Shoop da Whoop you are RICH, doggie! WOOF! WOOF!

Zatchi Edit

Zatchi! Zatchi! ZATZAT!

Lord Moldywart and his Seven HorcruxesEdit

One BEE-utiful day, Lord Moldywart decided to make a Horcrux. "Hmm... what should I make as my Horcrux?" wondered Moldywart. Suddenly, it all came to him. "I'll make my pretty girl diary with strawberry-scented pen a Horcrux!" So the ugly Dark Lord split his soul and put it into his diar--- What's going on? Isn't Moldywart meant to kill someone before he has a Horcrux? Good point.--- Moldywart killed Cinderella and then--- What NOW?? Moldywart kills Moaning Myrtle, NOT Cinderella! Fine, fine!--- Moldywarts kills Yawning Yertle (Yertle the Turtle!) and TTTHHHHEEENNNN makes his pretty girl diary a Horcrux!

There, the END!!---Oh, who is causing all this MADNESS?! Me. Me? Who's Me? I am Me. Who are you? I'm Me, I already told you that! Oh for Toast's sake, WHO ARE YOU?? It is I, Count Grapeula! AAAAAAAHHH!!!--- and they all lived happily ever after! MWA HA HA!!!