Count Grapeula (originally named Bludworth) is a Vampire grape. Even though he is a horrible blood-sucking monster of a grape, he is still considered a Grape of High Authority. He has four children (Severus Grape, Grape Kong, Aladdin and Nicholas Nority) which form the Grapes of Wrath!. Count Grapeula's first appears in Vampire Stories.

Vampire Stories Edit

Count Grapeula first appears in Vampire Stories where he is revealed to live in Castle Grapeula. He leaves his castle at night and, as a bat, flies around. He spots a Grape Farm and sucks the blood out of a Grape cow. He then finds out he being spied on by vampire hunter, Van Grape-ing. Van Grape-ing chases Count Grapeula with a Wooden Grape all the way back to Castle Grapeula.

The Cactus/Echidna/GG Event Edit

In BLAAARGH!, Count Grapeula puts a weird Cactus-echidna-GG in the middle of the road so people can accidentally step on it, thus their feet start bleeding. Then, Count Grapeula would suck the blood out their feet, becoming all-powerful! However, the Cactus-echidna-GG incinerates its victim with a laserbeam.

The Bunny Sisters Edit

When the Bunny Sisters travel to Club Penguin Island, Donkey Kong and his Ninja Chimps hire Count Grapeula (who is in Transylvanianianianaina) to kill the Bunny Sisters. After Count Grapeula traps the Bunny Sisters in the Lighthouse (Count Grapeula, apparently), Jet Pack Guy comes and squashes Count Grapeula into creaming soda. Jet Pack Guy says that the Grapeula-Soda will be used for jet pack fuel.

The Return Edit

Grapeula's soda-ish liquid is stored inside a jetpack. Suddenly, Grapeula seizes control of the jetpack and flies back to Castle Grapeula, where he turns back to normal. Grapeula suddenly gets an angry call from Donkey Kong. Scared, Grapeula drops a giant Nuclear Grape on the Bunny Sisters, blasting them into the Cloth-Ear Dimension.

Family Edit

Grapeula's children (the Grapes of Wrath) seems to be smarter than Grapeula himself, especially Nicholas Nority. It is possible that Count Grapeula could be related to his (at-one-point) master, Donkey Kong, as one of Grapeula's children are a monkey-like grape named Grape Kong.

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