The Grapes of Wrath are a group of evil grapes siblings. Their dad, the infamous Count Grapeula, trained the Grapes of Wrath to be evil and sent them to the Academy of Xtreme Grapey Evil.

Severus GrapeEdit

Severus Grape (aka the Half-Blood Grape) is a Wizard grape who can cast magic spells with a magic wand. He is the only Grape of Wrath who didn't attend the Academy of Xtreme Grapey Evil, he went to Grapewarts, a school for Wizard grapes.

Grape KongEdit

Grape Kong (aka Grape Ape) is a giant monkey Grape. He is the biggest and strongest of the Grapes of Wrath and takes pride in every muscle in his body. Grape Kong has trouble communicating with non-grapes and isn't very intelligent.

Nicholas NorityEdit

Nicholas Nority is the leader of the Grapes of Wrath. He dresses in a tux. A poem about grapes was written with his name in it ( as seen in BLAAARGH!).


Aladdin is an Indian Grape. He is obsessed with genies and wishes to be the "Sultan Sultana" of India. Aladdin has a pet genie named Meanie the Genie.