A mathematician named ChordSector woke up one morning and saw his desolate desert planet, the ANTI(opposite, not against)-CPFW. There were chairs everywhere, and a comet was heading right towards the planet. His SETI device read a signal from the comet. The signal showed that a mysterious person named Uberfuzzy lived inside it. So, knowing the planet's inevitable demise was nearing, he left isosceles triangles on all the chairs, representing his honor for the CPFW. The comet hit the planet, blasting thousands of tiny rocks to the surface. And surprisingly, the dust cleared quickly, and the planet was covered with lava, titled the Nonsense Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. And on the last, untouched surface laid a colony, annexed by the CPFW.

--◔ChordSectorθ◕ 14:49, 20 June 2009 (UTC) I HONOR THE CPFW. I WAS SAD THAT I WAS BANNED.