The Jerk Penguins are cruel, bully penguins who pick on the Dorkugese. They came to Dorkugal for this sole reason:to be on spongbob!

They are really "pranky" and they are part of fart's side. If you see these penguins anywhere on Club Penguin then don"t report them! It's the only way to save Club Penguin from Jerk Penguins!

They are REALLY mean. They pick on penguins like Explorer 767, and puffles like Mabel. But when they do pick on Mabel, she just simply starts to open her mouth and they run.

Appearence Edit

Jerks are so similar genetically to spongebob.

Like their Dorkugese punching bags, the Jerk species also eats pie.

Dey GANGSTAS!!!!!!

Like Dorkugese penguins, Jerks also have terrible vision and require corrective eyesight from hatching onward. To make up for this, they invented special sunglasses that look cool AND help them see, but that's a closely guarded secret in the community, so don't tell them. Then again, who cares?


  • Jerks speak in rap, and often do it in song.
  • Another kind of Jerk picked on henry ford in his childhood.
  • They often help random dood , the creator of evil hacking ninjas.
  • Oddly, they allied with the Greater Good, and are fighting for Justice in the nacho war of 1903.
    • They are the second group of "villains" that fought for Justice, with the blendy pens guy doing so first.
  • They often get into fights with the Jocks

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