Jock Penguins or Sport Bullies or simply Jocks are Penguins who are in sport teams and are related to Jerks. The first came from Blue Team, who abused Orange Team for spelling Orange in Dutch.


When Orange Team came about, a group of Penguins on Blue Team thought that their weird language (dutch) was funny and they began bulling them. It soon spread into other places and now they bully nerds. Despite being related to the Jerks, they go completly against their customs and as a result alot of gang fights have started between them. A few nerds agree that they're meaner then the Jerks and few even thought that they even more worse then the Fords. These Penguins are usually strong and on some cases not so smart. Usually, most Jocks are on the football team, making them even more dangerous. Unless you want a football tackle, stay away from them.


Jock Penguins spend most of their time, making sure others get hurt in sports. Unfortunatley, many competitive penguins wish to have them on their team, so usually penguins end up getting hurt. Most penguins put the football down if the Jocks are chasing after them.


  • They are not sided with the Str00del Force, or Darktan. They believe they're extremely powerful by themselves.

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