Name: Maxwell J. Smell
Aliases: Flogboy
Species: Human, Half-grape


Count Grapeula

Grapes of Wrath!

Hair: White-Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Faction: Evil
Abilities: Can turn into dog.
Belt: Black



Maxwell's ancestor, Zoina Candrift, married Vladimir Grapeula. together, they had three children, Vladimir Jr, Yani and Janisona. Yani, the second child, grew up to marry Gratette Winiane. Yani and Gratette had two children, Woodchip and Bigdon. Woodchip died of food-poisoning, thanks to Bigdon, as they were fighting over a lady named Minderella. As Bigdon was the only one that Minderella could marry, they married and had seven kids, Julie, Kennedlin, Tydupp, Quainton, Zachary, Skits and Bigdon Jr.

Bigdon only favoured Bigdon Jr, and planned to drown the rest. However, Skits rescued his brothers and sisters and defeated Bigdon and Bigdon Jr. After being the hero, Skits caught the attention of a lady named Maxine. They, after ten weeks of dating, had a child named Butch. However, Skits and Maxine died in a car-crash, caused deliberately by Bigdon and Bigdon Jr. Butch went into an orphanage and found some foster parents, Thomas and Jane Lazerson. Butch was the class-clown at school, which caught the eye of school beauty queen, Tina (nicknamed Tinkerbell). After high-school, Butch and Tinkerbell began dating. At the age of 31, Tinkerbell had a child, Skits Jr, named after Butch's brave father. Skits Jr fell in love with Mariana Grapeula, great-great granddaughter of Janisona Grapeula, daughter of Zoina and Vladimir Grapeula. Skits Jr and Mariana had a two sons, Minue and Maxwell. Skits Jr later divorced Mariana, realizing that they were related, and married a lady named Pixie Grapeula and they had Yani and Bludworth (Count Grapeula).


Maxwell and Minue had to go into an orphanage, as their dad, Skits Jr, ran away, and their mother, Mariana Lazerson (nee Highton) died. Maxwell used to be the bully of the orphanage, stealing and injuring. At age 11, Maxwell ran away from the orphanage and into the arms of Julie Grapeula, who had managed to stay alive with the Immortal Ice-Cream, the same way Bigdon and Bigdon Jr managed to stay alive to make the car-crash happen. Maxwell grew a huge hatred for cats, as Julie's cats kept scratching him. At 15, Maxwell was so bad and evil at school and home, Julie tricked Maxwell into living with her relatives, Skits Jr and Pixie, which was ironic because Skits Jr was Maxwell's dad anyway, and Pixie was Maxwell's step-mother. However, Maxwell wanted revenge, as Skits Jr ran away from Maxwell's mum, Mariana, and left her to die.At the age of 16, Maxwell used a Controlling Device to control a python. Maxwell controlled the python to eat Skits Jr and Pixie while they were asleep. As it was Maxwell's 16th birthday, and Julie didn't give Maxwell a present, Maxwell tied her cats to the roof and stole the Immortal Ice-Cream, becoming immortal. After that little burst of fun crime, Maxwell decided that his birthday present would be, starting a life of crime.


As Bludworth's parents were murdered, Bludworth turned evil and gave himself a nickname, Count Grapeula. Count Grapeula gained many followers on the quest for the world to be ruled by grapes and half-grapes. As Maxwell was a half-grape, he decided to join Grapeula's team. Grapeula, not knowing that Maxwell killed his parents, let Maxwell join his team. Grapeula's codename for Maxwell was, Flogboy. "Flogboy", along with the other Grapes, caused havoc and chaos. However, Maxwell had a bigger plan: to get rid of Grapeula and become Grape Leader.

The Legend of BLAAARGH!Edit

In Legend of the BLAAAGH!, Maxwell tries various ways to get rid of his step-brother and become Grape Leader. Firstly, Maxwell tries poisoning his Immortal Ice-Cram and giving it to Grapeula, however, Grapeula feeds the Ice-Cream to his pet grape, who dies. At Grapeula's pet grape's funeral, Maxwell plots to push Grapeula into a grave and bury him alive. However, Grapeula fills the grave with sand to make a sand-pit for his kids, the Grapes of Wrath! Maxwell's final attempt is to ring up Minue, from the orphanage, who is now 25. As Minue is a black-belt at assassinating people, Maxwell tells Minue to assassinate Grapeula. At the climax, Harvey Humanson tells Grapeula that Maxwell is trying to kill him. After Minue gets thrown into the lake and floats off a waterfall, Grapeula calls out "FLOGBOY!" Then, Maxwell appears out of nowhere, turns into a dog, and attacks Grapeula. Maxwell fatally bites Grapeula's hand off. Grapeula, weak as, throws Maxwell off the waterfall, and dies.

The Bunny SistersEdit

Still alive, Maxwell is ordered by Donkey Kong to destroy Honey and Funny. Maxwell follows the Bunny Sisters and Mario to the Land of Nod. Maxwell, now allowed to use his imagination, creates an army of dogs and uses them to attack the Bunny Sisters and Mario. Maxwell wakes up and jumps off the boat, doggy-paddling away.

The Legend of BLAAARGH! 2: Planet of the GrapesEdit

Here, Maxwell reveals that Grapeula pretended to die so that he wouldn't go to prison and that the whole assassination thing and attacking thing was an act so that, even if Grapeula was found out to be alive, he would go on the Good Team for his bravery. Then, Grapeula would steal all the Good Side's weapons and use them to make the Earth a grape-only world. Maxwell, however, reveals to Grapeula, in the climax, that he really does want to kill Grapeula and become Grape Leader. Maxwell and Grapeula fight and both are killed by the Grape Explosion.