A group of penguins doing the BLAAARGH! ritual, as mentioned in the wisdom book of which this stupid article is about.

R U a Blaaargh Freak...Or NOT! is a book written by Aunt Arctic on how to become a BLAAARGH! Freak.

The BLAAARGH! RitualEdit

At a sleepover one day, two little annoying vampire girls made up a series of rituals, the Zatzat Ritual, the Rubit Ritual and the Campfire Ritual. The book shows you how to do these rituals, although you might become a ghost, a vampire or a little girl who hates rice-cream in the process.

Blood and Pavlova on ToastEdit

This is a recipe from Count Grapeula telling you how to make Blood and Pavlova on Toast. If you are not a vampire grape with intentions to drain every guy on earth, you might prefer Tuna and Pavlova on Toast.