Shoop da Whoop is a ninja squid that works for Count Grapeula.


In this short-film based loosely on 'the Bunny Sisters', Count Grapeula sends Shoop da Whoop on a mission to bring the Bunny Sisters to him or it's 'seafood' for dinner. Meanwhile, the Bunny Sisters are at Club Penguin's Sizzler when suddenly Shoop da Whoop appears to bring them to Grapeula. Suddenly, Sensei comes to the rescue. He throws ninja stars at Shoop da Whoop. However, that just forces Shoop da Whoop to reveal his true identity, the Indonesian Teacher! The Indonesian teacher weakens the Bunny Sisters by giving them an Indonesian Lesson. Fortunately, Honey tells the Indonesian Teacher that it's not Monday, the day which they learn Indonesian. This makes the Indonesian Teacher shriek and burn into ashes. However, someone calls out that it's time for a maths lesson instead, making The Bunny Sisters shriek and burn to ashes.


  • Shoop da Whoop is named after the attack Shoop da Whoop.
  • Shoop da Whoop is the only follower of Count Grapeula who isn't a Grape.
  • Shoop da Whoop may actually be 1234567890 in disguise, as he seemed to be an Indonesian teacher in