Sliver sable

Sable, angry that she was in club penguin.

Silver Sable
is a woman who works for the law firm of Carman and Carman.


After graduating from weaber law school in 1986 (class of '86 oh yeah!), Sable Manfredi had many short-lived jobs, including work at the Bake-n'-shake(a job which she was fired from because she made ice cream out of ice and cream). She eventually wound up at the law firm of Carman and Carman, where her schooling in weaber law did her well.


Sable accidently booked a flight to some place nobody cares about, and almost destroyed it, with the aid of her giant staple gun.


  • Sable has recently begun wearing adult diapers.
  • She is a wiener mobile afficiando.