The Soda Root is a root which is used to make Cream Soda. It is discovered by Joshua Cream in 1789 and is significant for it's rainbow colour.

Root's FeaturesEdit

The Soda Root has a main stem and branches sticking out, in this case, known as lifelus. Each lifelu has a sticky sap, which is the soda. The lifelu will process the sap to a black graphite known as aricot. It is like the phloem of a plant (a tube for transportating food from the leaves to the rest of the plant), however, it also transports water, like the xylem of a plant. As they are both in the same tube, they will mix and later form a thinner sap, which is the soda.

Removing the SodaEdit

Before 1987, the employees of the Cream Soda Factory process it by cutting the main stem's top and remove the aricot. Once the aricot is removed, it is then broken and sap will spill out. Water will be added to the sap and it will be less thin and more soda. The soda will be processed with other sodas taken out from these roots and will make one barrel. But why don't they just break the whole thing? See below.

Today, we use machines to process the items. Instead of breaking the stem and then the aricot, they break the whole item. But why didn't they use that method earlier? Well, if you break the item lightly, the stem will not break and only the aricot will. The sap will spill and flow down. Once you break the stem, less soda could be seen as they will be absorbed by the outer skin of the root. Machines now break the aricot carefully and properly. That is how the soda could be made.

In both periods, the soda will be added with the others. That's it.


Sometimes, the Soda Root will be contaminated by the special "inisca" virus, from the Pengydonian word "iniska". Iniska means poison food. The roots in Rockhopper Island are planted to affected areas. Inisca is a chemical, and most of them were spilled in the island when they were trying to make Link slip on it. After hearing about this, Rockhopper immediately removed the stemwater.


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