Toast is cooked bread, not that special

Gary the tuna

Gary the Tuna enjoys fish spread on HIS toast!

A Little Bit of Mother's LovingEdit

Oh, how I LOVE Roast Toast! It tastes just how mother used to make it! PASS ME THE STUPID VEGEMITE!!!!!


The RSPCT (Goldsnickel Says 'Punch Crooked Toast') is a secret society to stop the cruelty towards toast. Think of it this way, people put toast into a toaster to be cooked then they smother toast in peanut butter (what if toast has a nut allergy?) and then they chop the toast in half and...EAT IT! Mr I.A. Toast is planning on also making:

  • RSPCS for Scones
  • RSPCP for Pancakes
  • RSPCB for Bread
  • RSPCM for Milk
  • RSPCC for Cereal
  • RSPCAOFWF for Any Other Food We Forgot!

Here are some good words for all the endangered toast from our RSPCT second-in-command, Count GrapeulaEdit

I vant to SUCK YOUR BLOOD!!! Oops, I meant...toast should keep there hopes up. Who knows? Maybe you out of all the other toasts, won't get eaten. AAAH! I'm out of bread! Any donations, toasts? Hehehe!

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