thumb|300px|right|Turtleshrooms theme songTurtleshroom is a well known fanonist and former dictator of the club penguin wiki (Normal, Boring wiki)It is well known that hes not actually a penguin or from the club penguin universe but is in fact a Veggie tales character, this can be proven since

1. He is a vegetable  2. He loves Jesus

Even his signature shows his massive love of the J-Man, he cant write anything without writing "Jesus loves you and died for you" afterwords, this got him in serious trouble when he had to hand in an essay to his Jewish teacher.

He apparently takes a lot of medication, But never tells anyone why, this might mean that (since hes a mushroom) He must be some sort of magic mushrooms that they use to make Drugs with, (Cant say that on the fanon), This is probably the same reason that Turtleshroom nearly got eaten by some Mancunians chavs and had to move to America